How quickly things change in Football. One day your here the next your there. This with the added incentive of millions & millions of dirty euros (€) & juicy representative commissions makes the "silly transfer season" very entertaining & perfect for any betting system. Even fortune tellers looking into crystal balls can´t figure out how the market will end up.

Here is the lastest on REAL MADRID & FC BARCELONA, with a transfer market that looks more like a spider web of connections & entanglements. Note the coincidences that I am about to highlight, that suggests that even the famous "Hamlet" would be a lower division player compared to the current Machiavellian Football Club Presidents & representatives.

Real Madrid 2011

The alarms bells sounded from Italy this morning when Italian media "Sky Sports & Mediaset" reported the alleged words from Real Madrid "Italian agent" in transfer matters, Ernesto Bronzetti, saying that REAL MADRID was on the verge of signing SANTOS 19 year old youth star & Brazilian International NEYMAR. The media sources even gave details, a five year contract with a transfer price of 40 - 45M€.

Ernesto Bronzetti has latter gone out to say that this is false, that he said that he READ in the newspapers that Real Madrid & Neymar were close to a deal. What brings my attention is that Real Madrid would have been willing to pay 45M€ for Neymar, the exact contract release clause figure of Atletico de Madrid player SERGIO AGUERO

Spanish Football
Sergio Aguero

Here is more sticky spider web stuff. It has been published that REAL MADRID has put the condition on SERGIO AGUERO that if Real Madrid was to sign his services that he would have to reduce his annual salary from seven to six million € a year. That was yesterday, & the Real Madrid - Aguero "love affair" has gone cold these last few days. This leads onto today's news from Italian Sports paper "Corriere dello Sport" that SERGIO AGUERO agents were in Turin (Italy) to have a meeting with JUVENTUS.

What a coincidence.The news of Real Madrid´s possible signing of Neymar coincides with Aguero´s agents visiting today Juventus & all the rumours coming from Italy. Could all this be a "pressure" manoeuvre to force Aguero to say something from Argentina? Reduce his salary? Who really knows; the truth is that Aguero is playing on all fields.

Spanish Football
Thiago Silva

Lastly, a less "romantic" transfer rumour piece is the public acknowledgement that AC MILAN Brazilian defender THIAGO SILVA is talking & has a possible agreement with FC BARCELONA. The player has said that it is now up to both Clubs to sort things out, & that while this occurs - & if it occurs - he is a AC Milan player that has a contract with the Italian Club until 2016.

As you can read, dirty filthy rumours & transfer gossip. Is it all true? False? Everyone distorting their advantage to pressure individuals into action. Who knows, but stay tuned!