Neymar Mohawk Hair Style 2011

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is a Brazilian soccer player, known to his fans simply by his first name. He plays striker for the Brazilian National team and for Santos. We are going to take a look at the Neymar Mohawk hairstyle here.

Neymar’s Mohawk is created by cutting the hair on the sides of his head very short, but not shaving completely. He has a stripe of hair up the center his head that stands up to form a fan about two inches long in front tapering to one inch in back.This is a fairly standard edition of the Mohawk hairstyle.Despite the good natured teasing and the relative conservatism of this style, there is pressure for Neymar to cut his hair and adopt a new image.Many people see this haircut as a symbol of Neymar’s lack of maturity. This is another reason that it will likely not be tolerated for long by European coaches and teams. It is also a major inducement to change because the amount of money these teams are willing to pay goes up based on skill and maturity.

However, the Neymar Mohawk hair style has become a source of controversy and could actually injure his career. Several of the more prestigious European soccer teams are willing to court him if he will cut his hair and change his image. They believe that this would be a positive sign that he is maturing and ready to move the next level of his career.